Caring for vulnerable children living in the slums and villages of India

volunteer opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many different ways to volunteer with GPM, from one day to several months, you can find or create the volunteer structure that's right for you. Click on each one to learn more, or contact GPM for more information.

JDC-Entwine International cohorts. Each year, four four cohorts of Jewish young adults (ages 18-30) on a comprehensive 8-week volunteer and learning program in Mumbai. Volunteers, who come from all around the world -  including North America, Europe, Australia and Israel – work side-by-side with local women's empowerment groups delivering nutrition, literacy and hygiene to children living in the slums. During this program, sponsored by JDC-Entwine, volunteers engage with the Mumbai Jewish community, and take classes in Jewish ethics in social justice, Indian culture and even spoken Hindi. GPM addresses the needs of vulnerable children while providing volunteers with an opportunity to engage hands-on with issues of global poverty, Indian history and culture, Jewish ethics of social justice, Jewish peoplehood and tikkun olam. 
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* JDC-GPM Indian Jewish internship. The JDC-GPM Internship is a four-month long volunteer opportunity for young Jewish Indian professionals and undergraduate students (ages 18-30) to work with the children of the Mumbai slums through an organized program of social and learning experiences. The brainchild of Mandie Winston, JDC Regional Director for Africa and Asia & Global Director of JDC’s International Development Program, this internship is the first initiative that brings together young Indian Jews and Jewish volunteers from around the world to collaborate on providing literacy and nutrition in the Mumbai slums.
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* Jewish peoplehood Mifgashim. GPM has created a new pilot program of “Mifgashim” – literally “encounters” – in which Indian and Jews from around the world explore Jewish collective identity and peoplehood. The goal of Mifgashim is to promote the idea of Jewish Peoplehood as a centerpiece of Jewish identity, and as a catalyst for social change. Participants attend specially-crafted seminars, retreats and workshops in which they study Jewish texts on social justice and dialogue about the meaning and implications of Jewish connectivity. The groups also worked together on volunteering within the Jewish community. Mifgashim also includes fun, organized social events to strengthen the ties between Jewish young adults from around the world. Participants also explore the challenges faced by Jewish communities around the world, cultural similarities and differences, and comparative Jewish history and culture.
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* Class2Class.
Here is an opportunity for students of all ages to get involved in GPM -- no matter where in the world you are. GPM invites your class to adopt a class of 25 Mumbai schoolchildren living in the slums. Together, you will connect and learn about each other, and help support the work of REAP and GPM. Class2Class a great opportunity to build connections from across the oceans You think your school is up to the challenge? We think you are! Learn more....

* Special visits. GPM hosts volunteers on special trips to Mumbai, from a few hours to a few days. Visitors can be anyone of any age -- from bat mitzvah girls to diplomats. Read about some of the wonderful visitors who have enjoyed taking part in GPM.
If you are planning a trip to Mumbai and would like to spend some time volunteering with GPM, contact GPM today.

Are you interested in volunteering in India? Contact GPM today!