Caring for vulnerable children living in the slums and villages of India

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35 cents a day. 

35 cents a day. That's how much a hot meal costs for a child in the Kalwa slums. And don't think that it's a skimpy meal either. It's a generous portion of freshly breadcooked rice with vegetables and spices in a rich aroma of local blends. It also comes with fruit, bread, and salad, to ensure that the children receive all the nutrients that their growing bodies need. 35 cents a day.


Please note that Gabriel Project Mumbai is an incorporated US non-profit NGO and an IRS 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.

In the UK and want to support GPM?

Gabriel Project Mumbai has partnered with
Tzedek in the UK to support innovative education, nutrition and health initiatives in under-served urban and rural communities in India. 

You can make a GIFT AID donation in the UK by sending a cheque to:

Platinum House, Gabriel Mews, Crewys Road, London NW2 2GD

[Please note that cheques must be made out to 'Tzedek'. Please send a note stating that the donation is designated for Gabriel Project Mumbai initiatives in India --Thank you!]

Support us

Gabriel Project Mumbai is a community development program that relies on the support of donors around the world, people who care and want to make a real difference in the world. People who care

Cost of produce, raw materials and labor is lower in India than in the developed world. Including all overhead the cost of one well balanced nutritious meal for a slum child is only 35 cents. Put differently, it costs only $350 to feed 1000 children per day.           
$10         Feeds a child for a month
$120       Feeds a child for a year
$180       Feeds 18 children for a month
$350       Feeds 1000 children for 1 day
$1,200    Feeds 10 children for a year
$1,650   Pays for learning equipment for 20 classes per year

$5,000    Feeds 500 children for 1 month
$10,000  Feeds 1000 kids for 1 month

Feeds 1000 children for a year!

Its easy to donate online HERE

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Telephone: 1-917-725-3077

Or send your donation to the following address:
Gabriel Project Mumbai
PO Box 5025
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