Caring for vulnerable children living in the slums and villages of India
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You can also follow the GPM blog to hear from volunteers and visitors  about GPM work and activities. Below are some useful educational and informational links and resources about India, global hunger and poverty, and social justice in the Jewish tradition.  

Below are links to some items written about the work of GPM:

Innovative Education for Girls and Women in Rural India, Thaiza Diaz and Jacob Sztokman, Glocal 2018, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Midday Magazine: Kalwa-Based Jewish-Backed Women’s Group Is Feeding Thousands Of Underprivileged KidsUpcoming Title Masala Mamas, In Addition To Sharing Traditional Maharashtrian Recipes, Tells Of How A Jewish-Backed Women’s Collective In A Suburb Of Mumbai Is Offering Sustenance To Thousands Of Underprivileged Kids.

Masala Mamas: A special cookbook project

Just this weekend I posted an article about our favorite Indian cookbooks and today a friend shared a project that grabbed my heart. If there is one thing I love more than a great cookbook, it is a great cookbook project whose sole benefit is to make the lives of others better.

Fuelling children’s education – Masala Mamas

With this amazing initiative, an all-women catering company is making sure that no child stops learning because of hunger.

Tuvia Book, Israel in India, Times of Israel, October 26, 2016

Hadassah Magazine, November 2015, Nurturing Mumbai Dreams by Rahel Musleah

Articles about Chief Rabbi Mirvis' visit to GPM and the Kalwa slums: 

Gabriel Project Mumbai Blog, 12 January 2016
Times of Israel, 13 January 2016 
European Jewish Press, 8 January 2016 

The Jerusalem Post, 8 January 2016 

The Jewish Press, 7 January 2016 

Israel National News, 7 January 2016 

Jewish News International, 7 January 2016

"Jewish peoplehood: A view from Mumbai", by Jacob Sztokman and Elana Sztokman, Peoplehood Papers 13, Spring 2014, a publication of the Center for Jewish Peoplehood Education
One of the most powerful messages in the Torah is the mission of the Jewish people to look after the vulnerable members of society. This is an integral theme –if not the most important theme – of the Bible: to care for all marginalized people, the poor, foreigners, and all those fates have left them vulnerable in this world. More prevalent than keeping kosher, keeping Shabbat, or many other practices that we tend to use to define ourselves as Jews, this mandate connects us back to our basic origins, to our birth as a people during the Exodus, as the Torah repeatedly says that the commandment to empathize with the stranger is a direct result of our experience as strangers in Egypt. The practice of caring for others makes us the people that we are
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"Mishloach manot in Mumbai," Steven Klein, Haaretz. February 12, 2014
PURIM GIFTS IN MUMBAI: After Modi’in resident Jacob Sztokman established his Gabriel Project Mumbai in 2011 to assist poor children in the Indian city, he saw an opportunity to work with the Jewish community there as well. “The American Joint Distribution Committee does an amazing job looking after the 4,200 Jews in and around Mumbai,” Sztokman told Haaretz on Wednesday

"Jewish youth take slum kids on trips, teach them skills", by Mugdha Variyar, Hindustan Times  Mumbai, May 07, 2013
 Jennifer Jacob, 22, along with three young professionals from the city’s Jewish community, has been spending alternate Sundays for the last two months taking slum children from Kalwa on educational tours and providing vocational training·   
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"Down and Dirty: US and Indian Jews Play Hokey Pokey in The Slums", New Voices Magazine | September 11, 2012 by Gabe Weinstein 
Thane, INDIA — Inside the narrow alleys of the Kalwa slum, past the shanties abutting the train tracks and the stray pig rummaging through garbage scraps, Pramila Mane rattles her rice dish and gently blows on the kernels on the second floor of her home. Across the room, Shayna Lebovic, 19, a volunteer with the Gabriel Project Mumbai, a Jewish nonprofit working to reduce hunger and provide educational services in Kalwa, crouches in front of a small chopping board diligently chopping onions.
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"A helping hand in Mumbai", Australian Jewish News, August 8, 2012 
MOVED by the poverty and injustice he witnessed on a business trip to India last year, Melbourne-born Jacob Sztokman has set up a world-first volunteering program for young Jewish adults.
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