Caring for vulnerable children living in the slums and villages of India
Special visits
Special Visits 

GPM welcomes visitors, tourists and volunteers from all around the world to observe or participate in the vital work with the Jewish community in the slums of Mumbai. If you are interested in seeing first-hand the work of GPM and understanding the challenges faced by the children living in the slums, contact GPM to arrange a special visit.

 Some of the notable visitors to GPM have been:

* Bat mitzvah girl Sophie Teitel. Sophie Teitel, a bat mitzvah girl from Connecticut whose Baghdadi grandmother was born in Mumbai, visited the slums with GPM and decided to celebrate her bat mitzvah by teaching a lesson to the children on family and culture. The children responded with tremendous interest and enthusiasm, and connected very strongly to her.  Here is what Sophie’s father, Greg, said about the event:" Today was simply incredible.  Words cannot describe how I feel right now. Our visit to the slums has changed my perspective on life forever." Read more here.

* Israeli Diplomat Matan Zamir.  Mr. Matan Zamir, Deputy Head of the Consulate General of Israel in Mumbai, joined GPM, where he prepared chapattis with the women, heard a few words of Hebrew, and taught the children art appreciation. Read more about Mr Zamir's visit on the GPM blog

* Dr. Amit A. Saraf. Dr Amit A. Saraf MD, F.C.P.S. (Internal Medicine) came to GPM as part of ‘Career Week’ for the children in the Kalwa slum. Invited by GPM volunteer Debby Dell’ariccia, Dr. Saraf walked with the volunteers through the slums of Kalwa and to the classes run by REAP. Read more about Dr. Saraf's visit on the GPM blog

To inquire about volunteering with GPM or even just visiting, contact GPM