Caring for vulnerable children living in the slums and villages of India

 educational scholarships

The REAP-GPM Educational Scholarship

For children living in the slums, life is precarious. Child labor is rampant, malnutrition is widespread and school drop-out rates are high. The children and families living in the slums are in a daily struggle to survive, and there is a lot of pressure on families to send their children to work instead of continuing with their education.

GPM believes that all children deserve an education, no matter what their family circumstances. A good education is a proven solution for the children to leave the slums, explore their dreams and create a brighter future.

The REAP-GPM Educational Scholarship Initiative, conceptually inspired by former GPM volunteers, provides a comprehensive long-term 14-year educational commitment to children in the slums and rural villages in and around Mumbai.

The REAP-GPM Educational Scholarship Initiative for Primary School (Ages 4-14) includes:

* 4-hours a day of REAP instruction to supplement studies at a local government school
* Daily nutritious hot meals provided by GPM.
* Administrators who work closely with the parents of scholarship recipients.
* Semester report cards presented to REAP teachers at the end of every semester
* Extra private tutoring to ensure the children are on par with more privileged children.

Benefactors will receive progress reports at the end of each academic semester.

At age 14, children are streamlined into local high schools depending on their aptitude and aspirations. With The REAP-GPM Educational Scholarship Initiative for High School (Ages 15-18), although they leave the REAP network of classrooms, teachers and representatives will directly administer and manage the recipients educational progress. All aspects of the child’s education are covered in the scholarship during the four years of Secondary school.

For more information about the REAP-GPM Educational Scholarship Initiative and to sponsor a child today, please contact Jacob Sztokman at: