Caring for vulnerable children living in the slums and villages of India

Gabriel Project Mumbai (GPM) cares for vulnerable children living in slums and poor rural areas of India by attending to the Triad of Children's Well-being: education, health and nutrition. The GPM approach works with local NGO partners and women's empowerment initiatives that have positive ripple effects in the slums, thus forginga powerful win-win model for advancing communal development.

Nutrition. The GPM innovative approach, "Eat to Learn", provides fresh, hot, nutritious meals to children learning in school, ensuring that children receive the nutritional boost that they need to thrive, while providing a powerful incentive for parents to keep their children in school.

Literacy. GPM opened a new school for the rural poor, Love2Learn, serving 500 children in 20 villages around the Shilonda village in Western Maharashta. In addition, GPM international volunteers, in partnership with JDC-Entwine, provide vital informal educational support for local educational programs like REAP, thus offering children care and emotional support during the crucial process of literacy acquisition.

Health. GPM opened the Shrawan Medical Clinic, the first ever medical clinic in the Kalwa slum. The clinic, in partnership with Doctors for You and Sundara Soap, provides services to 7000 children and 3000 women who previously had no access to medical care. GPM also provides a mobile clinic to children in the rural areas for preventive care, vaccinations, check-ups and follow-up attention.

Women's Empowerment. GPM engages with women’s empowerment groups in the slums, supporting women’s business and financial development to create a win-win model for social change in the slums of Mumbai.

Volunteers. GPM. in collaboration with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), the world’s largest Jewish humanitarian aid organization, Entwine, brings cohorts of international volunteers to work on literacy and nutrition in the slums. This extremely meaningful and life transforming work has a strong study component where participants learn about responsible volunteering, global poverty, international development, along with Indian culture, and social justice.

GPM inspires a vision for  helping to enable change in the lives of children in Mumbai's slums, while educating young adults about the challenges faced by so many and fostering the powerful ethos of care.


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(Feb 6 - April 3, 2018)
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Gabriel Project Mumbai is a JDC Entwine Global Multi-Week Jewish Service Corps (JSC) program:

Winner of India's CSR Journal's Social Welfare and Growth (SWAG) Award 2016 in the category of Women Empowerment and Child Welfare.